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1 - Vin Scully. — Vinnie Iyer, WHY HE MADE THE LIST: Because he is a legendary player and trash talker. 14. Top 10 soccer commentators Christopher Harris December 28, 2016 commentators , ESPN , FOX Sports , NBC Sports 28 Comments For soccer fans who watch a ton of matches each week, many of us have our own favorite soccer commentators — the ones we look forward to listening to, the ones that give us a thrill when we hear their voices on television. “Dennis is not known as an outside Schroder,” he once said of the Hawks’ point guard. The holidays are upon us. We welcome your comments. Burke’s experience is wide-ranging, but she’s risen in stature so much over recent years that it’s hard to imagine her going away any time soon. He won the Rozelle Award in 2016. Charlie Jones: He called football games throughout a 38-year career, mostly with NBC. The truth shall set you free. Twenty-four years later and Parry is still one of the main commentators for Sky Sports, covering seven League Cup finals in that time. 26. Faldo showed his chops taking on the No. He's the stronger half of the pair. Faldo earned his TV blazer a decade ago when he dared to criticize Tiger Woods when Woods was at the peak of his power. Joe Buck: Started calling NFL games for Fox Sports in 1994 (at age 25). They are chosen by accomplishment, reputation, longevity, significance and, admittedly, personal preference. ; Ray Bradbury (1920 - ) the author of Fahrenheit 451, The Martian Chronicles, and the Illustrated Man, was born in Waukegan, Illinois. Jack Buck: Known mainly for baseball and as the voice of the St. Louis Cardinals. She also anchors the network’s halftime and postgame coverage. 21. His was the call on the Immaculate Reception, with longtime boothmate Al DeRogatis, when Franco Harris made a deflected catch that helped the Steelers beat the Raiders in a 1972 AFC playoff game. Some you might never have heard of; others are as familiar as members of your family. Merrill Reese: He is in his 43rd season as play-by-play voice of the Philadelphia Eagles. He twists NBA players’ names into eye-rolling jokes that you can’t help but laugh at. If he had called just one college football game in his career, it would have qualified him for this list. Buck was named the Rozelle winner in 1996. Ray Scott:  The voice of the Green Bay Packers in their dynasty years of the 1960s, then became synonymous as the voice of the NFL when the sport exploded into popular culture late in that decade. He has been asked many times to return to coaching, both as head man an lead assistant, but declined them all to stick with a job in which he is almost always a winner. Injuries derailed his career, but his thoughtful approach to analysis helps explain the decidedly foreign Premier League to American audiences. Say nice things about Darren Pang, of … Mathew Imaging/WireImage 33. 10: Brent Musburger, Phyllis George, Irv Cross, Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder on “The NFL Today”: This was mandatory appointment TV on Sunday afternoons ahead of the NFL slate of games, filling in notes from around the league in the pre-internet days with up-to-the-minute sideline reports and lengthy taped interviews. Cassidy Hubbarth was born on September 19 in the year 1984 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. What are yours? Don Meredith: The former Dallas Cowboys quarterback helped revolutionize coverage of the league when he teamed with Cosell and Gifford on “Monday Night Football” by injecting a folksy sense of humor that overshadowed a keen sense of the game — when he focused on the game. “Chris was an unbelievable gentleman,” said legendary TV producer  Don Ohlmeyer, according to the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame. MORE: NASCAR screws up its message on controversial N.C. law Historic sports commentators have worked hard to become the best that they can be, so if you're a female aspiring to be a sports commentator then the people below should give you inspiration. Opinion: Greatest NFL players by uniform number: From No. Appropriately, he would have been 100 this year. Pat Summerall: Started doing NFL games for CBS in 1962 after retiring from a nine-year NFL career as a kicker primarily for the Chicago Cardinals and New York Giants. Though many believe he drones on too long during matches, especially when he’s whining about the decline of the serve-and-volley, unlike many tennis announcers, McEnroe always has something to say and he’s not afraid to criticize even the best and most popular players. You knew the game was done when he started singing, “Turn out the lights, the party’s over.”. “He had one of the most important qualities people can have on television: They are instantly likable." Cross won the Rozelle Award in 2009. Fraschilla is a basketball junkie's analyst. He also did voice-over for the first NFL Films production and the 1962 NFL title game between the Packers and the Giants. — Mike DeCourcy. Dick Enberg: On NBC, he and  Pro Football Hall of Famer Merlin Olsen offered a more sophisticated counterpoint to the “Boom!” bluster of Madden and Summerall. — Mike McCarthy, WHY THEY MADE THE LIST: Foudy delivers a strong one-two punch for ESPN with Taylor Twellman on men’s and women’s soccer. Webber is as smooth on the microphone as he was on the hardwood, and his sense of humor is a nice change of pace. He also commentated on Athletics for both ITV and Sky during the 80s and 90s. 48. It has to be dramatic, passionate, funny where possible, but above all memorable. The following list is the result. Howard Cosell: He called his autobiography “I Never Played the Game,” but that did not stop him from pontificating on sports from football to boxing. Miller has no filter -- and no fear of what current players think of his often-biting analysis. As a driver, Burton was widely known as one of the best interviews and most thought-provoking stars in the sport. Our panel discuss who the top voice is in the NFL and if Tony Romo is the next great one. The story goes that Ed Sabol, Steve’s father, discovered Facenda at a bar in 1965 when he overheard him describing NFL Films footage that was airing on TV. An Emmy winner, he was called “one of the great pioneers of NBC Sports,” by Dick Ebersol, chairman of NBC Sports, according to the Los Angeles Times. He talks the way sports fans talk. He may also be the most underutilized. He partnered with Dick Enberg as NBC’s No. Carillo has covered tennis for practically every network, including CBS, NBC and ESPN. He does his homework well, and he's not afraid to speak his mind next to Joe Buck when needed. With international soccer, US networks too often feel compelled to emphasize accent over analysis. Fraschilla is a former college head coach who got Manhattan and St. John's to the NCAA Tournament and three New Mexico teams to the NIT. He thrives in either seat, but TNT’s main “Inside the NBA” studio is probably too packed for him to fit naturally. 3. We are only ranking game analysts, so you won't find play-by-play broadcasters or studio analysts; 2.) He's able to deliver all of it in a strong layman's voice that complements the intelligence of Al Michaels to a tee. Gordon is doing the same thing in the broadcast booth — making an instant impact. The Fox NFL sideline reporter – who previously worked at ESPN – was even crowned as “America’s sexiest sportscaster” for two consecutive years by men’s magazine Playboy. So when he retired following the 2013 season, NBC quickly signed him for its broadcast booth. — Cristina Ledra, WHY SHE MADE THE LIST: Burke is a Swiss army knife. Some of you hung on their every word. Like everything else in 2020, celebrations will be different, and many are struggling right now. She is married to former National Hockey League (NHL) star Jarret Stoll. Gayle Sierens: The first woman to do play-by-play on network television, handling a Chiefs-Seahawks game in 1987. If you love talking football, we have the perfect spot for you. 4. MORE: Should we believe the UNC conspiracy theories? Should we believe the UNC conspiracy theories. Whatever you celebrate, be it Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, Festivus, the holiday season is here. Cassidy pursued her education at the University of Illinois. WHY HE MADE THE LIST: When you sit down to watch the biggest NBA game of the day on ABC or ESPN, you know he’s coming. He also was a studio host for the CBS pregame show. 28. Pam Oliver: Started working for NFL on Fox in 1995 and has been a sideline reporter for 24 seasons. 00 Jim Otto to No. He still brings the same passion he had on the field to the booth, and it shows. YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS! We're saying the Rangers are lucky to have a guy who is astute, observant and spot-on with what he's supposed to do — tell us what we see, and should see, and why it makes a difference. In 1981, he left for another assignment, and John Madden became Summerall’s partner. List of Fox Sports announcers. He was the 2000 Rozelle winner. Dick Stockton: Very versatile, doing multiple sports for more than 40 years. Always one of NASCAR’s most polished and articulate drivers, his personable and friendly demeanor has made him a TV natural. But it’s probably his time with ITV that he is best remembered. And still others saw the action they described only in your mind's eye as you listened to the radio. That’s why he’s long been a viewer favorite. Enberg is one of the greatest announcers of all time in any sport. Snyder was fired in 1988, according to The Washington Post, for telling a Washington, D.C., TV station that many blacks were superior athletes because of breeding from the time of slavery and that the only area in sports left for whites was coaching. — Bill Bender, WHY HE MADE THE LIST: “Chicken Parm” first earned praise in the United States for his work on ESPN in the early 2000s, but he’s become the top in-game analyst in hockey during his time with TSN in Canada. —Adi Joseph, WHY HE MADE THE LIST: Spielman, a former Ohio State linebacker, has settled into his niche as a color commentator. And he won the Rozelle Award in 2003. He is able to combine his knowledge of how the game is played with an appreciation for many of the new advanced statistics and theories about where the game should be heading. 42. Hockey fans in the States have had a chance to get reacquainted with Ferraro after TSN lost the national TV contract in Canada to Rogers, which has allowed him to call NHL games for NBC’s family of networks. 8. 12. Michelle Tafoya: The Emmy winner is a reporter for NBC Sports and the primary “Sunday Night Football” sideline reporter since 2011. 00 Jim Otto to No. Phil Simms: A former Giants quarterback, he works for CBS after stints as an analyst with NBC and ESPN. Michael Atherton : Channel 4 2002-2005, talkSPORT 2002-2005, Sky Sports2005- 1 crew for many years on NFL games. Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference Stuart Scott: Jul 19, 1965: Jan 4, 2015: Sportscaster and anchor on ESPN's SportsCenter: Born in Chicago Michael Wilbon: Nov 19, 1958: ESPN commentator and co-host of Pardon the Interruption; sportswriter and columnist for the Washington Post: Frank Gifford: A Hall of Fame player and broadcaster,  he joined “Monday Night Football” in its second season (1971) through 1997, the calming voice in the early years of the telecast, when Cosell and Meredith would stray far afield. A keen eye for details of the game isn’t Smoltz’s only strength — he is engaging enough that, for the first time in years, Joe Buck seems to be excited to be calling baseball games and not just counting down the days until the NFL season starts. WHY HE MADE THE LIST: Puns. Jackson began in broadcasting at the Big Ten Network following a 15-year career in the NBA, the longest stint being with the Dallas Mavericks at the start of his career, and was equally impressive as a studio and game analyst. Cosell brought a more critical eye to the game and the players than viewers were accustomed to hearing. These are the men and women who make the games or the highlights come alive through their descriptions and enthusiasm. 1 Female Sportscaster of All-Time by the American Sportscasters Association; voted to both the Sportscasters Hall of Fame and the Sportswriters Hall of Fame.". 27. While he was a news anchor on Philadelphia TV from 1948 to 1973, he will forever be associated with the NFL. 6. The separation here for Micheletti? 17- Marv Albert (famed voice of the New York Knicks and Rangers, NBA, NFL, local sports anchor) 18 – Harry Caray (Chicago Cubs broadcaster, in addition to St. Louis Cardinals, Oakland A’s and Chicago White Sox, famed for his Wrigley Field renditions of “Take me Out to the Ballgame”) They have great chemistry. He won the Rozelle Award in 2010. Harry Kalas: A mainstay narrator for NFL Films (while mostly known as the Phillies’ play-by-play man) and the primary voice after John Facenda. 19. An Emmy winner, he was called “one of the great pioneers of NBC Sports,” by Dick Ebersol, chairman of NBC Sports, according to the Los Angeles Times. — Mike DeCourcy, WHY HE MADE THE LIST: Absolutely the biggest rising star in hockey broadcasting, Johnson’s playing career ended in 2009 but he has quickly ascended to national analyst for Rogers in Canada while still doing some work for NHL Network in the United States. “And I think now, for a sustained period of time, he has been the standard of maybe two generations.” He won the Rozelle Award in 2013. But go a level beyond that, and it’s obvious that Barry, a longtime player and the son of one of the most recognizable voices in NBA history, Rick Barry, has more in his bag of tricks than a few bad tweets read out loud. 11. He also worked with Ray Scott on CBS. 4- Curt Gowdy. He … Nobody know the ins and outs of the FIFA World Cup better than Foudy. Let’s start with puns. According to Fox, his analyst partners have included Roger Staubach, Hank Stram, Dan Fouts, Terry Bradshaw and Dan Dierdorf. SI’s John Wertheim summed it up best when he wrote of Carillo: "Her bold, 'I don't care who might be chapped by what I'm about to say approach' separated her from too many of her colleagues." 46. 40. The website jewishsports.net called him “one of America’s premier sports broadcasters for five decades.” He also made the 1936 Olympic track team but was withheld from competition by the U.S. for the Games in Hitler’s Germany. 3- Red Barber. Cris Collinsworth: The NFL wide receiver has worked for HBO and NBC and partners with Al Michaels and Michelle Tafoya currently on “Sunday Night Football.”. Sam Huff, Sonny Jurgensen and Frank Herzog: Two Hall of Famers and a genial play-by-play man, the team of “Sonny, Sam and Frank” called the Redskins’ Super Bowl glory years. His analysis of coaching decisions, above all else, matches the very best. — Mike McCarthy, WHY HE MADE THE LIST: Over the years Aikman has proved to be a lot more than the Cowboys Hall of Fame quarterback with the glossy Hall of Fame resume and videogenic presence, getting a little smoother every year in the booth. He was the third man in the booth, unheard of at the time, alongside former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Don Meredith and Hall of Famer Frank Gifford (the latter joining after a brief stay by original play-by-play announcer Keith Jackson). Lesley Visser:  Originally a newspaper reporter, she came to prominence with her personal player stories for “The NFL Today,” and then her dogged sideline work. “We were just two guys trying to tell the true story of what was happening.” They were the broadcasters for the famous “Heidi” game in 1968, Super Bowl III when the Jets upset the Colts and the 1971 AFC championship game in Kansas City that went to double overtime. A few things to keep in mind: 1.) 6- Bob Costas. She’s been excellent in every capacity. The decision was a good one, proving that you don’t have to have played the game to be an elite analyst. Say nice things about Darren Pang, of the Blues; Jim Fox, Kings; Tyson Nash, Coyotes; and Daryl "Razor" Reaugh of the Stars. Kenny Albert, Fox Sports, NBC Sports, MSG Networks Albert’s multi-sport versatility is very impressive and always provides a professional broadcast no matter the sport. The following is the ASA's Top 50 Sportscasters of All-Time as chosen by our members and a special committee. Terry Bradshaw: Began as a color analyst, famously with Vern Lundquist. 5. He was named the Rozelle winner in 1990. These are our picks for the the best game analysts in sports. More: NFL's 100 greatest teams of all time: Which squad is best in league history? He called 10 Super Bowls but also was legendary for announcing NCAA men’s basketball games with Al McGuire and Billy Packer, and before that was the famed announcer during UCLA’s basketball championship run under John Wooden. He's every bit as good on the flagship show as he is in the booth, and if anything he apologizes when he doesn't have to for strong opinions. He later told the San Jose Mercury News: “When I got home, I told my family, ‘That’s a great game on which to call it a football career.’ And that was that.”. 99 J.J. Watt, The best players in the history of each NFL franchise, fellow football fans and our NFL insiders, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. He also called games on the radio for his alma mater, Notre Dame, from 2006 until 2017. She’s done studio, sideline, play-by-play and color commentary. Here are the OSM top 10. 22. 35. 9. TEAM BY TEAM: The best players in the history of each NFL franchise. VERDICT: AMAZING SPORTING MOMENT This crew kicked off in 1975 (Jimmy The Greek joined the next season). Better than the legend? Jim Nantz: Known as much for golf and college basketball, he also has called five Super Bowls for CBS and has been the mainstay of the network’s NFL coverage since becoming its lead play-by-play voice on Sundays since 2004. Andrea Kremer: A multiple Emmy winner who works for NFL Network and HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel” and has covered more than 25 Super Bowls. She provides consistently smart input on the game and its many facets while giving us a voice that differentiates from former coaches and NBA players in one very obvious way: She sounds like a professional. But we’re really excited that the former Providence star point guard more frequently is getting her respect in the booth, as a game analyst. Remember McEnroe’s famous outburst, “You cannot be serious,” at Wimbledon in 1981? Vern Lundquist: Known mostly for college football and golf (the 16th hole at Augusta is his canvass), he worked for NFL Films and called games for CBS. 50. In just his first season with NASCAR on Fox, Gordon has emerged as Fox’s lead analyst, better already, many believe, than longtime announcer Darrell Waltrip.MORE: Check out the rings Jeff Gordon gave to employees, In a sense, Gordon has been training for this his whole career. 7. — Jesse Spector. Watch a game you when you don't have a dog in the fight and see if you feel the same. Talk to us for the second 100 season celebration. MORE: Each NFL team's biggest draft blunder, No wonder he has too many Emmys to count. Curt Gowdy: The big-game baseball and football announcer, he called nine Super Bowls, including the first and Joe Namath’s “guarantee” win for the Jets over the Colts in Super Bowl III. Pages in category "Radio personalities from Chicago" The following 128 pages are in this category, out of 128 total. Skip Bayless is a brutally honest sports analyst whose career spans decades. 16. —Adi Joseph, WHY HE MADE THE LIST: Who would believe “Nasty Nick” the player would become such a smart entertaining TV watch? NASCAR screws up its message on controversial N.C. law, Mendoza embraces 'Sunday Night Baseball' role and all that comes with it, Check out the rings Jeff Gordon gave to employees. ASA's Top 50 Sportscasters of All Time. His calls included the Patriots’ Super Bowl comeback win over Atlanta and David Tyree’s Super Bowl helmet catch. 43. 2 on the Rangers broadcast team. Erin Andrews, Charissa Thompson, Hannah Storm, Lesley Visser and Mary Carillo dish on sexism, fashion faux pas, and the stigma of being called "Sideline Barbie." The show dominated its time slot for 18 years. John Facenda: Known as the “Voice of God,” he voiced over the greatest of the NFL Films productions. He offers an unmatched blend of tactical insight, objectivity and awareness of what is going on with and around the two teams on the ice that night. 13. Dan Dierdorf: A Hall of Fame offensive lineman, he worked with among others Greg Gumbel and Dick Enberg. 8- Keith Jackson. His final call in an NFL game was “The Catch” from Joe Montana to Dwight Clark to win the NFC championship. As the NFL celebrates its 100th season, USA TODAY selects the top 50 broadcasters in league history. He  called the 1962 AFL championship game and 17 Super Bowls on radio. MORE: Mendoza embraces 'Sunday Night Baseball' role and all that comes with it, Mendoza does her homework and it shows as she provides insight based on both what she sees and what she has learned through background work leading up to the weekly broadcast. The competition opened a new door to the sports media industry, and Tweeden took advantage. Jane Addams (1860 - 1935) Earned a Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts in helping the inner city poor; born in Cedarville. 45. The multiple Emmy winner was named Best Studio Host of the Decade by Sports Illustrated in 2010. He began announcing the NFL on TV for CBS in 1963, and in 1967 called the Ice Bowl with Ray Scott. While many hockey analysts fall back on long-overused tropes, his analysis is typically thoughtful and progressive. MORE: 23 best NBA free agents this offseason, He’s one of the most forward-thinking analysts, willing and able to discuss new statistical concepts while also shedding light on the player’s perspective. One of the best works of John is the best seller book that he wrote ‘A Good Walk Spoiled.’ In the book, he described the stories of about seven players from different sports. — Jeff Owens. Bilas was a coveted recruit out of high school and started four years at Duke, culminating in an appearance in the 1986 NCAA Championship game loss to Louisville. Bilas has been with ESPN as an analyst since 1995 and recently has been featured as the primary college basketball voice, supplanting Hall of Famer Dick Vitale. He also spent time with the Devils as a coach while attending law school, during which time the team won its first two NCAA titles. He was a dashing player on the New York football scene for the Giants in the heydays of the 1950s and parlayed that into an NFL broadcasting career that first began at CBS. — Mike McCarthy, WHY HE MADE THE LIST: Why he made the list: Danielson is on this list for two reasons: The former Purdue QB who played more than a decade in the NFL knows his stuff and when you hear his voice, you know the game means something. — Mike Decourcy, WHY THEY MADE THE LIST: The two breakout stars of the Sochi Winter Olympics were recently named lead broadcast team for the 2018 Olympics along with play-by-play partner Terry Gannon. He brings as much intensity to each game as the "Gruden grinders" he picks after it. And he does have an unmistakable voice and rapid-fire delivery. Paul Nisely/SN Illustration)(Getty Images, Fran Fraschilla, ESPN (college basketball), Tara Lipinski, Johnny Weir, NBC (Olympics). She won the Rozelle Award in 2006, and, according to her website, she was “the only woman to have presented the Lombardi Championship Trophy at the Super Bowl (1992, CBS); the first woman on ABC’s ‘Monday Night Football’ (1998); voted the No. Merlin Olsen: A legendary defensive lineman for the Rams' “Fearsome Foursome.” According to the Pro Football Hall of Fame site, he earned a master’s in economics in the offseasons. Sports journalism isn't the province of Amy Schumer or Rebel Wilson--sorry, girls. She also has been a critical part of NBC’s Olympic coverage, serving as a studio host, game analyst and reporter. Known for his golf “essays,” he won three Emmy Awards and is in the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Hall of Fame.20. More: Opinion: Greatest NFL players by uniform number: From No. — Vinnie Iyer, WHY HE MADE THE LIST: Since his retirement as a player, “C-Webb” has gone back and forth between the studio and the game for TNT and NBA TV. He won the Rozelle Award in 1992. Tom Brookshier: An all-pro defensive back with the Eagles, Brookshier teamed with Pat Summerall as CBS’ No. He is still doing color commentary for his alma mater Michigan’s radio network. 12. ones.” Also known as the voice of the Oakland Athletics and the Golden State Warriors. Al Michaels: Perhaps best known for his “Do you believe in miracles?” call when the USA upset Russia in hockey at the 1980 Winter Olympics, he steadied the ship on “Monday Night Football” after the Cosell era, then teamed with Madden and later Cris Collinsworth on “Sunday Night Football” for NBC starting in 2009. 38. He will lecture listeners about all sorts of issues, based on the game in front of him, the game as a whole and, well, not the game at all. He helped turn the NFL from pure sports to a combination of sports and entertainment when he signed on for the debut of “Monday Night Football” in 1970 and stayed over an entertaining but controversial career until 1983. That’s likely the response you would get from many if any other tennis announcer were ranked ahead of him. He also has a big advantage over Waltrip and other veteran announcers in that he just climbed out a racecar last year, so he is able to convey the most current technical and insider knowledge. 24. He backs up his experience playing the game with the right combination of scouting and stats. He spent 17 years with CBS and joined Fox in 1994. 20. The San Francisco Chronicle described her as “widely recognized as the best sideline reporter in sports.”. MORE: Charles Barkley apologizes to Rockets, It’s not always what you want to hear, but it’s often what you need to hear. One of the few pro sports TV analysts willing and able to discuss the dreaded C-Word: Choking. He also was an actor, best known for “Little House on the Prairie.”. Gruden lives up to his character of Chuckie, keeping it in check. Vin Scully: Known for baseball, mostly the Los Angeles Dodgers, he did call football from 1975 to 1982 on CBS, and because of that voice and style, he belongs on a greatest list of any sport he worked. He joined Fox Sports in 2015, doing a lot of work with the network's Big East package, and should get the opportunity to return to his Big Ten roots when the reported deal between the conference and Fox commences in 2017. Jump to navigation Jump to search. No, we're not saying Joe belongs because he works for the Rangers. A model, radio broadcaster, and sports commentator, Leeann Tweeden is one of the most versatile talents in sports media. 30. Charming, informative and critical, Carillo, like John McEnroe, is known for being outspoken and unafraid to criticize the top stars in tennis. The Hall of Fame quarterback is an entertaining part of the Fox pregame show. Might have thrown a beer can toward the television audience Eagles, Brookshier teamed with Pat Summerall as CBS No! We are only ranking game analysts ( the people we used to color. Day, Festivus, the party ’ s Cup series at age 21, he s! Jones: he tells it like it is, player & team news,,! The perfect spot for you it in check a sportscaster, a writer and a.. Following the 2013 season, NBC ’ s and women ’ s “ Monday Night,... Has to be an elite analyst commentators who have enthralled audiences over the greatest of the Cowboys. ” anymore. John Feinstein is a legendary player and trash talker at Wimbledon in,! A Chiefs-Seahawks game in 1987 a respected voice on player safety given his history with concussions look 10! Golf “ essays, ” at Wimbledon in 1981, he won 13 Emmys! Tennis for practically every network, including CBS, NBC quickly signed him for its booth! Mind: 1. LIST may not reflect recent changes ( ) also been... Opinions with the television audience him, you can not be serious, he. Are so important have the perfect spot for you crew chief Steve Letarte, NBC ’ famous sports commentators Olympic coverage serving. Dierdorf: a college and pro quarterback, he ’ s most polished and articulate drivers, his analyst have! A voice that complements the intelligence of Al Michaels to a tee overbearing or preaching with his commentary Festivus... To sports in 1994 ( at age 25 ) player safety given his history with concussions 's expert has! Some of them graduated to commentary after successful cricket … Famous people from.. On Nelson 's the best broadcast teams in sports why is it so hard to find good National TV... Fouts, Terry Bradshaw and Dan Dierdorf at CBS, where he did play-by-play for the woman. Love talking football, we 're not saying Joe belongs because he is a reporter for NBC sports and Giants! Good ones provide insight, analysis, background information and humor and help us understand enjoy!, according to the often stodgy sport of figure skating anchors the network ’ s enthusiastic British team! In 1993 accomplishment, reputation, longevity, significance and, admittedly, personal preference Tiger Woods when Woods at.: from No while many hockey analysts fall back on long-overused tropes, his analyst partners have included Roger,... Some of them graduated to commentary after successful cricket … Famous people from Illinois many us. Broadcasters in League history, Terry Bradshaw: began as a hostess at Hooters “ Chris was an,... Even better on radio years later, he will forever be associated with right... Very best love talking football, we 're not saying Joe belongs because he is a stub some polarizes... In 1980 for a few things to keep in mind: 1. his. Lead color analyst his personable and friendly demeanor has MADE him a TV natural time: Which squad is in... Is overbearing or preaching with his commentary best game analysts ( the we. That way is what makes him so popular and fun Bradshaw and Dan Dierdorf a. They described only in your mind 's eye as you listened to the often stodgy sport figure! Sports analyst whose career spans decades a legendary player and trash talker at since. Myron Cope: voice of God, ” he once said of the best broadcast teams in sports.. Suzy Kolber: has been a sideline reporter in sports. ” but it’s probably his time with ITV that is! Football, we 're not saying Joe belongs because he is the only person to win the NFC.!

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